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  1. iwshim

    outlook 2013 - I cannot see the "Manage Add-ins"

    I am trying to install ZoomInfo Connector i outlook 2013 (OS windows 10) - but cannot see the "Manage Add-ins"
  2. iwshim

    TAPI for VoiP

    I have a dedicated Voip service in Korea - 070 is the prefix. The Voip is from LgU+. Must a TAPI drive be from LgU+ ? or can i use another tapi drive to connect to my Outlook 2013 product? I asked LgU+ but they do not have a TAPI driver.
  3. iwshim

    Outlook Social Connector for Facebook - updates? work arounds?

    I missed this feature. I was sad to find out that it has been discontinued, I and I was denied that it took me an hour of trying all possible combinations to work – before I read on and at that it was no longer available. Is there any workaround to integrate Facebook with Outlook? I really miss...
  4. iwshim

    word shortcut to search outlook

    word shortcut to search outlook I create data bases with outlook. Sometimes I find new in formation in a word file or on the net that I would like to index into my data base in outlook. but I have to copy paste search outlook to see if it already have it. is there some kind of short cut/ hot key...
  5. iwshim

    softphone software for VoIP phone for OUTLOOK

    What is the best softphone software for VoIP phone? -> intergrating into Outlook?
  6. iwshim

    Transfering mail from the outbox to another computer

    I am emailing a list of students and my school computer/ server is slow. I mail merged a school announcement and have the email waiting to be delivered from my out box (ever watch molasses drip?). So....... I thought I might save the file as a PST. and then transfer to my home computer -...
  7. iwshim

    outlook mail merge -rich text

    I am mail merging from MS word to outlook. It seems all my messages are being sent in html and not rich text. my pictures are sent as attachments (not what I want). Solutions?
  8. iwshim

    Can I add an Unsubscribe link to Outlook outgoing email? Something like this?

    Can I add an Unsubscribe link to Outlook outgoing email? Something like this? <a href="{unsubscribe}">Unsubscribe Me</a></body></html>
  9. iwshim

    Skype tool bar in quick access ribon

    How do I put the Skype tool Bar information in the Quick Access Bar of Outlook? I have button there but want expanded to show all information.
  10. iwshim

    mail merge and add the contact picture outlook 2013

    mail merge and add the contact picture outlook 2013 I have a list of 74 companies that I want to contact. I have outlook 2013 all set up with their company logo as their contact picture. I want to insert the contact picture from outlook into my mail merge. How to do this? thanks for advice!