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  1. wallisellener

    "The database name cannot exceed 50 characters"

    Dear all Yesterday I've configured BCM on another PC but I was not able to create an offline copy of the shared database. The error is ""The database name cannot exceed 50 characters"" and yesterday was the first time when I faced such an issue. The shared database name is...
  2. wallisellener

    BCM and MSSQL2012

    Dear all We will migrate all our MSSQL 2008 instances to MSSQL 2012. Amongst these we have the BCM Database. Will the BCM Database run on MSSQL 2012? Any official statement regarding this scenario? Thank you W.
  3. wallisellener

    Unable to reply/post/create new thread using Chrome

    Dear all I'm not sure if it's really the correct section to raise this issue. I noticed that I'm unable to reply/post/create new threads using Chrome. Currently I'm using IE. Is this a new Forum "feature"? Cheers W
  4. wallisellener

    Another BCM Authentication thread

    Dear all I'm struggling again with another authentication issue. A couple of weeks ago I successfully configured BCM on a Windows 7 Station and today I performed the exact same steps. Not sure why but today I can't find a solution for this authentication issue. Steps performed: - BCM 32bit...
  5. wallisellener

    Synch issue

    Dear experts An user is reporting that after changing aprox 800 contact in Offline mode the changes were not synched. The user connected to the remote database but the local changes were discarded. As far as I know the synch process is running in the background and only when conflicts arise a...
  6. wallisellener

    Comments separators

    Dear all We are always performing changes or adding new comments in the "Comments(Notes)" field. Until now the formating was 1st Row +"enter", 2nd row + "enter"and so on without using additional separators chars like ":" or ";", ".". The issue is that when performing a search based on the...
  7. wallisellener

    BCM new Build?

    Hi After checking this thread I noticed that a new build of BCM will be released. Instead of hijacking it I started a new thread to cover this topic. Could we get more details regarding the new BCM Build? Is it already released and...
  8. wallisellener

    Outlook slower after BCM

    Dear all Most of the users are complaining that Outlook has become slower after BCM was installed and configured. It this a known issue? Are there any options to tweak Outlook and gain some performance? Cheers W
  9. wallisellener

    BCM must be activated

    Hello all An user is always having troubles with BCM. The problem is that after adding a couple of new contacts Outlook crashes and BCM must be reactivated. Now this is becoming annoying because BCM must be activated each 4 days. Please let me know if you have a solution. Cheers W
  10. wallisellener

    CLR20r3 outlook.exe

    Hello BCM is still not stable as we would like it to be. When working online and just navigating and browsing the menus and sections of BCM it will cause Outlook to crash. The log looks similar to: Problem event name: CLR20r3 Problem signature 01: outlook.exe Problem signature...
  11. wallisellener

    BCM and Windows 8.1

    Hello Could someone provide more details regarding the setup BCM - Windows 8.1 ? I would like to get more informations regarding atuhentication, is this configuration possible, does Win 8.1 support BCM ? Additionally it would be good to know if this configuration is allready tested and...
  12. wallisellener

    BCM - I like, I wish

    Dear all Like the title says, I've created this thread to share our thoughts and feedback to help improving BCM. I have a wishlist in preparation and I will post it after the feedbacks from my colleagues are gathered and filtered. Cheers W
  13. wallisellener

    BCM - cookbook

    Hello Is there any Cookbook in pdf format available? I would like to have an overview of all functionalities and unleash the full power of BCM. Cheers W
  14. wallisellener

    created date

    Dear all Is it possible to create a list of contacts that were created on a certain date? For example: it would be nice to check the contacts that were created yesterday or 2 days ago. Thank you W
  15. wallisellener

    BCM - restore default settings

    Hi all Is it possible to restore the BCM default settings without reinstalling BCM? I would like to remove any custom adjustments that were performed. Cheers W
  16. wallisellener

    BCM - Weird behaviour

    Hello An user is experiencing a really weird BCM behaviour. This is basically what happens: - a contact is opened - on the contact details page the user is trying to select the mobile phone number and instead is getting the FAX or another field - same reaction when selection...
  17. wallisellener

    Synch Error

    Hello I found several topics related to this error but no viable solution. The error message is the following: "Error] The value for 'DisplaySelectors' field currently has a length of 31. This exceeds the maximum allowed length of 24. Value will be truncated to maximum allowed length"...
  18. wallisellener

    database creation failed

    Hello I wanted to use another name for the shared DB and deleted the current shared DB using SQL Management studio. When trying to create a new shared DB with the BCM DB Tool the action can't be completed and I can't seem to figure out why. The error message is: "error when creating the...
  19. wallisellener

    email lock

    Hello I'm testing again the import formats and need some hints. What is the correct format for the email lock field (send/ do not send email) ? I tested with 0s and 1s and even exported from BCM (after export the format is user defined) and reimported in BCM. In all cases the email...
  20. wallisellener

    Contact Phone Numbers layout

    Hello I noticed it's possible to select the Phone numbers Layout: f.e. first field Mobile Phone, 2nd field Business Phone, 3rd field Private Phone. Is it possible to save these settings so that when opening another contact the same layout is displayed? Cheers W