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  1. evdbogaard

    Reply with only last message cited

    When replying to a e-mail thread the choice is to either cite all previous messages or no one at all. Is there a possibility (with or without VBA) to create a reply with just the last message cited (i.e. without being forced to manually delete them)? I'm using Outlook 2010 on Window 7 Pro...
  2. evdbogaard

    How to dock the Styles Task Pane in the e-mail editing window?

    I'm looking for VBA code to dock the Styles Task Pane to the right side of the mail editing window. In Word 2010 I can do this with this code: With Application.TaskPanes(wdTaskPaneFormatting) If .Visible = False Then .Visible = True CommandBars("Task Pane").Position = 2...
  3. evdbogaard

    How to prevent extra line feeds in replies

    When I send HTML-email (Outlook 2010) I use a ParagraphAfter setting of 10p in my standard style. When I receive a reply to such a message I notice that in my original text (quoted in the reply) in all paragraphs a hard space followed by an extra paragraph mark is inserted after the original...
  4. evdbogaard

    How can I use data from a xml file in an email message?

    I have an xml file wiht data from customers. In Word I have a macro that puts these data into CustomDocumentProperties so I can use them in the document. Can I do the same in Outlook so I can use the data in an email message? Ed