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    Changing notification sound for new incoming messages in Outlook 365/2016

    If you've tried to change the sound notification for new incoming messages with Office 365/2016 by changing Sounds in Control Panel, you know that won't work (despite Internet postings to the contrary, that setting apparently only applies to email software native to Windows, not Outlook). The...
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    "Symstem Administrator" rejects msgs.

    I'm using Outlook 2010 with POP3 format w/ email & web hosting by Earthlink. Some msgs. are rejected immediately with this cryptic rejection msg. from "System Administrator" "550 5.7.1 t6J3YQSn031020 This message does not comply with required standards.". The rejection appears to take place...
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    OL 2010 shortcut to edit received mail

    OL '03 uses Alt-E to edit a received msg. Is there a similar shortcut in OL 2010, or a way to create one?