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    Parsing All Emails

    I have an Outlook client that is always running, on a machine always logged in. It uses a special email address and it's not a person. We use this email as a "traffic cop" that captures inbound mail from disparate business systems inside the building and then through VBA executes certain...
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    Adding an attachment to email I just created (VBA)

    What do I need to add to the code below to get an Excel doc attached to the email about to be sent? (About two thirds the way down the page see red text). TIA. Sub ParseEPDMRequest(Item As Outlook.MailItem) 'parses inbound email using Regular Expression tools and returns required number of...
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    Rule starting a VB macro against incoming email

    I have a rule looking at the Subject line for a certain phrase. When an email comes into Outlook the rule starts a macro with the following name: Sub Check_For_EPDMnumbers(Item As Outlook.MailItem) I cannot get this routine to run against the email that triggered the rule. It runs against the...