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    Outlook 2003: Restore location

    Hi, I am using a program called Backup4All to migrate my Outlook 2003 contacts, calendars and setting from one Virtual XP Guest (VM1) to different virtual machine (VM2). I need to determine the correct folder location on (VM2) into which I will restore the backup created on (VM1) This...
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    How do I change the default map from Bing to Google in Outlook 2003?

    I'm sure this question has been asked many times. I have seen this question on the web but found no solution. Thank You, Jerry Probst Dallas, TX
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    How can I get new styles for Outlook Today 2003?

    The default styles are somewhat limited. Are there any add-ins that will allow me to customize Outlook Today? Thank you, Jerry Probst Dallas, TX
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    "New Appointment from Contact" command missing from Outlook 2003

    Hi, I had this command but it has disappeared. I use outlook 2003. If there is anyway to get it back I would be very grateful. Thanks Jerry Probst Dallas, TX
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    Outlook 2003: Cannot edit default Contact Form

    Hi, I run Outlook 2003 on my home laptop. I do not use Microsoft Exchange Server. I do not share my information with others nor do I intend to in the future. I have created a custom form in Outlook to schedule appointments and interview applicants. It is essentially a one page check...