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    Appointments do not update properly!

    Using Outlook 2010 SP1. I have a personal calendar and a public calendar that can be viewed/revised by members of our staff. Last week I created an appointment on the public (shared) calendar for 1 PM. Yesterday I asked my assistant to change the appointment time from 1 pm to 3 pm. (no change...
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    Calender reminders question

    Wondering how I can change reminder settings on calender. I've got a personal calender and shared (public) calender that several other people in our department are using. Reminders pop up for my personal appointments, but I also get reminder pop ups for the public shared calender. How can I...
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    Couple of questions related to calender

    Using Outlook 2010 and Windows 7. I can create a new event/meeting in a shared calender. I applied a custom category blue to it (name is "building"). Problem is that other people in the office (who share this particular calender) do not see the category that I assigned to it. They can see...