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    Problems with Autodiscover Outlook 2016

    We have spoken with almost every tech as MS and GoDaddy about this I think. So far no one has offered a working solution. Two email accounts in our domain have constant issues with Outlook asking for their Password and not accepting what is entered. The same users can connect to their web...
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    Script to create a pst file for Archiving

    I would like to have a script to hand out to the users at our office that would create a "archive.pst" file under their ..\documents\outlook files\' folder'. It would be nice if the script could include the date of creation such as "1-12-17_archived_items.pst" or something similar. The...
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    Addins slowing me down?

    I believe your problem can be solved by running 'Outlook as Admin' if you are doing this on the Desktop version of Outlook 2016. Right-click the Outlook icon and choose 'Run as admin" If you do this to the shortcut icon instead of the actual program you will only see another link for Outlook...
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    Undisclosed recipients does not include sender

    I ran across some information regarding email using undisclosed recipients that I have been trying to test but have found an anomaly that is confusing to me. The intent was to prevent the ability of others to see the names of all who were sent the message. To do this, the post I was reading...
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    Customizing "Send to" Attachment Script

    I would like to ask on the same topic if there is a way to ZIP the attachments used rather than just attaching them soi can use it with files that cannot be attached unless zipped. The script works beautifully!
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    Editing an outlook. Template file (Otk)

    I am trying to create an absolute minimalist Template file for use in Outlook 2016. These are those files ending in OTK. I manged to get things down pretty small but the one huge part left that is not needed are the "Column Headers. I can remove every option underneath them but cannot remove...
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    Outlook 2016\365 export specific rules to import in another system

    Is there a procedure whereby I could export certain settings (specifically the ones under Junk Email Options) to a file so those same settings can be imported into a different account using the same version of Outlook 2016 Exchange. It needs to be as specific as possible and not just Every Rule...
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    Why can't I copy image with embedded hyperlink from email to Word

    This is something that has to have just occurred in Office 2016 as we have always been able to do this in Office 2010 and as far as I know in Office 2013 with no special changes necessary. The specific case is where an email is sent from one person to another with a .PNG file in it. The .PNG...