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    Appointments do not update properly!

    Using Outlook 2010 SP1. I have a personal calendar and a public calendar that can be viewed/revised by members of our staff. Last week I created an appointment on the public (shared) calendar for 1 PM. Yesterday I asked my assistant to change the appointment time from 1 pm to 3 pm. (no change...
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    Calender reminders question

    Diane, are you saying that if that box is checked, it could cause this problems? I will check when I get back into the office Monday.
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    Calender reminders question

    What do you mean cached locally? I'm not quite knowledgeable on Outlook - how would I check for that? No addons are being used.
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    Calender reminders question

    Using office 2007 actually - with SP 3. It's in a public folder.
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    Links not working after un-installing Google Chrome

    You need to set the default program for web browser. The default program used to be Chrome and since you removed it, Windows doesn't know what to do. Usually this is not a problem, when you uninstall 3rd party program like Chrome, the default should automatically revert back to Internet...
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    Calender reminders question

    Wondering how I can change reminder settings on calender. I've got a personal calender and shared (public) calender that several other people in our department are using. Reminders pop up for my personal appointments, but I also get reminder pop ups for the public shared calender. How can I...
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    Couple of questions related to calender

    Using Outlook 2010 and Windows 7. I can create a new event/meeting in a shared calender. I applied a custom category blue to it (name is "building"). Problem is that other people in the office (who share this particular calender) do not see the category that I assigned to it. They can see...