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    disappearing original when attach to email

    When attaching some files that are on the Windows 2012 server, sometimes once the email is sent (the attachments are received by the person the email is sent to) the original file is gone. The user is not dragging the attachments, just clicking on "attach file", browsing to the desired folder...
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    Outlook 2013 erratically deleting original file that is attached

    I've got a user who is using outlook 2013. She is scanning in a document using a copier to the Windows 2012 server share. The document type is a pdf. She then goes back to her computer, creates a new email and attaches the scans and sends them. The problem is that erratically the original file...
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    you are not responding to the latest message - wrong email

    Using Office 2013 with Intermedia exchange server. When try and respond to and email the message comes up "you are not responding to the latest email in this conversation". Clicking that takes us to another email, but for a different person, subject, and email address. The only thing I see...
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    very slow attachments

    I have a colleague with Outlook 2010 on an i7 with Windows 7. When he attaches a file (from the network or local) it takes 6 to 10 seconds to complete the attachment. I created a 2nd profile on his computer, configured the Outlook to the same pop3 and imported his exported pst file. Attached to...
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    email getting cut off

    This started just this week to three different people on the same Windows 2003 small business network. The all are running Windows 7 pro and Outlook 2003 with pop3. What happens is they create an email, spell check it, and then send it. Sporadically the end of the email (anywhere from a sentence...