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    Reducing data input, how to auto-fill Account form info into Contact form

    I have Contacts within an Account. I want to assign a salesperson to the Account, and then have that salesperson "filter down"/automatically populate within the "Assigned To" field of the Contact form. I want to enter information once into the Account form and have it filter down into the...
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    Excel Import Option: Need Help Updating Existing Records

    I’m working to clean up my 2010 BCM database and update e-mail opt outs from my Constant Contact account, etc., which is very time-consuming going contact-by-contact. That being said, I have a long list of opt outs from my Constant Contact account. I would like to go in and update each contact...
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    Color Categories for Accounts and Contacts

    Hi, I'm working up making bulk edits to some contacts within BCM 2010. To do this, I have categorized some Accounts with "red". When I pull the Contact list, display the "Category" field, nothing is showing up. In theory, I would be able to filter to show only those contacts whose Accounts are...
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    Need help concerning emails linking to BCM.

    Hello, I’ve scoured the internet and all of the BCM support forums (both sponsored by Microsoft, and by general users) and I cannot find the answer to my questions. Is the BCM a program / system that receives any attention at all from Microsoft support? Everything I’ve come across that...
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    New to BCM - trouble importing contacts & accounts

    I'm brand-new to BCM (though I'm very familiar with other CRM systems). I've watched the video tutorials and have scoured the internet and this forum for some answers. Even after trying those recommended solutions, I cannot seem to get my imports to load correctly. First, a question: as I...