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    Outlook 2016 cannot connect after transition to Outlook Mail

    I set up the Office 365 Home subscription in order to have a decent way to keep all of my devices in sync. When I set it up the system allowed me to connect my email address and account at that I have used since 1997 as my only alias. That email address became my login address and my...
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    OL 2010 "Outlook Today" Entries Disappear

    OL 2010 64 bit, Win 7 64 bit, all updated. All of the calendar and task entries on my Outlook Today page appear briefly on startup and then disappear. I reinstalled Outlook and created a new profile, but it made no difference. Any suggestions?
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    Not all contacts are syncing

    I installed the Outlook Connector to my 64 bit OL 2010. For the most part, things worked, but some of my contacts do not show up on The following the log entry for one of them. Can someone tell me why it did not sync: ******************* 22:29:24 *Request* 22:29:24 22:29:24:0591...