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    Outlook Contact Manager - A viable successor?

    Hi all, I'm curious if any current or prior BCM administrators have tried out Outlook Contact Manager. How'd you like it? Did if fulfill your needs in the same way as BCM? Please if you will, share your experience here. Obviously all of us are in the same boat. Aging CRM software and in need...
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    What exactly happens when you reach the DB size limit?

    We're about .5gb away from hitting the 4gb mark which BCM still tells us is our size limit. I'm curious what happens exactly when this point is reached. Any info would be great. I'm also curious why it is still showing the limit as 4gb, because according to this post here, the DB size limit...
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    Where are BCM User Customizations located?

    Whenever we have a new user or there is a corrupted profile and a new one must be created, we lose all the users's customizations along with--and most importantly--all the tabs they have set up. I have been scouring the profile for awhile and have come up blank. Anyone know where this stuff is...
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    Export to excel missing items, but a larger total?

    When we're exporting 4000+ accounts from BCM to excel, it's hard to tell how much is missing. But it is definitely skipping some things and/or adding others, and I can't pin down why. The process I've been going through: Reports > Quick Account List Filter > Uncheck "Inactive" Click...
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    Changing Domain -- Assigned To User field Migration?

    We had our primary Domain Controller die over the weekend. We set up a new one, and migrated everything over. However, the biggest problem we've faced is that the user assignments in BCM have been wiped because the old Domain Controller is no longer available. Is there a way to explort/import...
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    Outlook Crashing on Specific BCM Lead File

    So basically, regardless of profile or computer, a specific BCM Lead file will crash outlook if clicked. Here's the Event details: This is the first time in about 6 years of use that anything like this has ever happened, and I'm a little worried it's a sign of bad things to come. Hopefully...
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    Safeguards against accidental deletion / making inactive.

    Does anyone know of a way to prevent the accidental deletion of accounts? What about a way to prevent the accidental clicking of the Inactive Tag? I've looked around and can't find anything. If there's nothing that can be done to safeguard these functions, what have y'all done to catch them...
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    Reports always ask 'Would you like to save your changes?'

    Every time we open a report, whether it's a Quick Account List or a custom report, we get a pop-up asking "Would you like to save your changes?" Does anyone know why it's asking this when opening any report?
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    Project Management and Communication History

    Is there a way to prevent tasks corresponding to a Project being automatically added to the communication history of an account? We'd really like to use the built-in Project Management, but not at the expense of the Communication History. Currently, if anyone completes a task on a project...
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    Second and Third email fields?

    Are these accessible in any way through the reporting function? or do I need to know SQL to get all these email addresses out of here...?
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    Is there a way to prompt a user before deleting an item?

    Currently if the Del key is pressed while an account is selected, it goes right to the Deleted Items folder without prompting the user if that's their intended action. Is there a way to change this? Thanks!
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    Is it possible: List of URL fields

    Hi all I'm curious if anyone has found a way to have a list of URL fields. The only option i can see is to have a list of Text fields. Perhaps someone's found a way to have a URL field populate differently based on which field in a list was chosen? This is likely going beyond the scope of...
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    Update Permission Denied

    Hi all, I recently had to reinstall my SQL Server instance for BCM, re-attach my database and then re-share it using the database tool. Everything looked like it worked just fine until users started reporting that they are unable to create new records. The actual error message they...
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    My BCM Database is no longer available to be shared with the Database Tool

    Hi there, I'm here because I have no idea where else to turn. I can't find anything on this problem on the internet, and Microsoft's support is nonexistent :( Basically, as the title of this thread says, everything is working normally with our BCM except that when i went to share it with...
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    Anyone found a way to customize search?

    I love how BCM has instant search and filter fields everywhere, however it sometimes doesn't include the field we need to search on. Has anyone here found a way to tell BCM, "hey... search these fields as well!" that'd be sweell, thanks!
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    Looking for way to tie a Business Contact to more than one Account

    Our accounts are setup so that there is typically the same primary contact for many accounts. For example, our client "Reid Lumber." They have many locations in this state, so we have multiple accounts set up... "Reid Lumber: Seattle" etc. However, they all use the same Marketing person as...