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    merging duplicate files

    Ok, I have about 1000 contacts. I have duplicates of each, b/c the first had incorrect phone numbers, so I exported to csv and put the right ones in, I then imported back into outlook, but kept the duplicates. Why did I do this? The first set of "wrong number contacts" each had tasks assigned...
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    Restoring who tasks were assinged to

    I had to restore tasks and activities, but each task is assigned to a contact...and now it is not there.Any ideas please?
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    extra characters added to email when exporting

    Just when I thought my database was ready to go.....:mad:I exported my 1000 plus contact list to csv to edit the phone numbers. After I finished all of them, I noticed that the email had some extra garbage at the end. For instance would show up as " SMTP...
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    Newbie import issues

    Hi, I imported all contacts from ACT 6.0. Everything was great except the Fax number from ACT imported as the Business phone. I am not sure how this happened. Now that I have 1000 contacts and have assigned tasks to each one, I don't want to put each phone number in manually. I exported my...
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    placing contact and business phone column in task view

    I like to print out my tasks and have the phone number and contact as columns here. I try to place them in but they are all blank. I thought since I assigned each task to a corresponding contact, it would allow me to place these fields here? thanks
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    Synchronize outlook with access

    Hi, since I have so many contacts, I want to use access as the main area to store all of my contacts and in a separate access database, keep my contacts/tasks I work with most and synchronize them with outlook. (like 500 contacts) I am trying to synchronize the two, and here's what I did...
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    multiple tasks issue

    I imported about 500 ACT! tasks into outlook. They have imported as ACT phone calls. Each of them needs to be assigned to a different contact. What is the easiest way to go about this? I am dragging and dropping a task to the to do bar, opening the task, and assigning to a contact(this...
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    Moving multiple appointments

    Hi, I have about 300 ongoing appointments, which, upon being imported from Act!, became "Act Phone Calls" in the category section. These appointments need to be moved each month to a date in the next month. I tried to select all and move(Leftclick/ctrl) to the correct date on the "to do "...