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    10 Imap gmail accounts into OL2016-32b want 1 calendar

    Hi Diane, I am about to reset clean install my win10-64bit OS and also new (hopefully cleaner and more automated) IMAP Office365/Outlook2016-32bit (no exchange). I have roughly 10 gmail accounts (4-5 of those are primary use email accounts) My primary issue is two fold: 1) i would like just...
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    Cannot Delete Emails from IMAP inbox

    I have just installed Outlook 2016 32bit onto a fresh install of WIN10 pro. I have setup 3 different IMAP email accounts in Outlook 2016 and now i cannot delete emails from the inbox of the default email account. I have searched for answers and I have tried the most recommended solution of...
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    Profiles and Data files messed up for IMAP - Gmail

    I am new to forums and not sure if this is the right place to post this as it might be similar to: ?86430-Cannot-open-Outlook-2011-Account-Settings Anyhow, here is my issue that is a bit similar. New Office 2010 professional (32bit) install on my Win7 Professional (64bit) OS and now...