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    Progrescreas Bar in Outlook UserForm

    Hi, I am automating outlook and here i want to know that how to create progress bar till the end of my macro. I am using outlook-2010. :confused:Let me know if someone could help me to start for creating progress bar in outlook. Advance Thanks, Regards, Mon
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    print free/busy schedule of an user

    Hi, Working on outlook automation. I can print the data whose calendar is shared with me say their appointment date, their name ,time etc. with in my date range. Now I want to do something that will give me free/busy/tentative status(actually i want to print whatever written on user's...
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    Outlook Appointment Item exceeds beyond the date range

    Hello! I want to retrieve the appointment items between my date range. For that purpose I am using following logic:- "[Start]<='" & EndDate & " 11:59 pm' And [End]>='" & StartDate & " 12:00 am'" where StartDate and EndDate is my Date Range in dd/MM/yyyy format. In one condition I am...
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    Outlook Appointment item does not show the item outside the date range

    Hi, I have one more small query. I am giving the date range to display the appointment items(including recursion items) from shared calendar.But I am not getting the item which was start before my StartDate and still is in progress in my date range. E.g. I am giving StartDate=12-12-2012 and...
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    Calendar navigation displays previous field records.check calendar is shared..

    Hi, I am working on to automate the outlook 2010. Let me know how to check the person's calendar is shared or not. How to check that it is shared to me or not. Please solve this. Advance Thanks!
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    outlook recurring item stucks me. :(

    Hello, I am working on outlook automation.How to get the date of recurring item if it is recur in between my date range. Suppose myItem get created on 1/1/2011 and it will recur on every friday from the inception. If i am giving the date range say 1/1/2012 to 5/1/2012(dd/mm/yyyy). How can i...
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    please customize this code

    This thread is solved. I am very happy for this. Thanks....
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    please customize this code

    Hi, I am going to share my code here in which i need your help to achieve my goal. Here is my code and please see below, where dotted line are, here i want to export each item into excel sheet that we launched through code. please help me. Dim objOL As Outlook.Application Dim objNS As...
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    outlook shared calendar data export to excel sheet

    Hello All, I want to customize my outlook through VBA. For that I need a VBA program that will pick the calendar and export all the contents from that picked calendar to the excel sheet. Please help me to achieve this. Advance Thanks,