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    Task form created in outlook 2007

    I have an old custom task form application. It was developed in Outlook 2007. We are now on Outlook 2013. Issue 1: I have a lot of UDP fields If I can get them to delete all of tasks, Can I assume that I could then delete any UDP fields not used so that all new tasks will just the the ones...
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    deleting old UDP items in tasks

    I have a task form created on 2007. It has been working fine, but now they want to revamp the whole form. I have this form on 7 PC's... Can I write script or do something to go thru thier tasksand delete the items that I need to get rid of on thier tasks. I looked on the detail tab while...
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    vba, forms and shared tasks

    Form has custom fields (text boxes). you input number in textbox 1 and number in textbox 2 I have vba that computes the total and inputs in custom text box 3 that works fine, however on a shared task (users use the same forms with same text boxes) it will accept...