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    Many empty Contacts folders.. cannot get rid of them

    A couple of days back, I have installed a lot of pending Office 2013 updates. Today I noticed that I seem to have many many more contacts.. Well, empty Contacts folders, that is. How can I delete them again? Before the update, I had 3 Contacts folders in my main Exchange account, and perhaps a...
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    How to block time in another calendar without invite?

    I have two exchange accounts, both in the same outlook 2013 profile. I show both calendars in my calendar view. One is for work and one is private. What I want is that if I make an entry in my private calendar, the same time is blocked automatically in my work calendar (if possible with same...
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    jump to body in open message with one keyboard shortcut?

    I know about TAB and shift-TAB and also SPACE/shift-SPACE But please read on. I like to do as much as possible over the keyboard. But for this, I did not find a shortcut. Is there one? If I receive a message which has several pages of text, I obviously need to scroll the body part of the...
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    Looking for a productivity add-in similar to "Nostalgy" for Thunderbird

    hi there, I am using Outlook for business and Thunderbird for personal use. In Thunderbird I am using a really great add-on called Nostalgy. I wonder if there is a similar tool for Outlook or if something like Nostalogy could be done with VBA. In Thunderbird, when reading a message I...