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    Trouble Starting Outlook 2010 after Crash

    Short version of the problem - I left my computer running with Outlook 2010 active. Returned to find that the computer had crashed. Restarted to the Blue Screen of Death, ran BIOS diagnostics found corrupted memory addresses. Replaced RAM. Booted up fine however had numerous software issues...
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    Trouble Adding Email Accounts

    Is anyone else having trouble adding the new email accounts to Outlook? I'm running Outlook 2010 Pro on a Win7 Pro platform. I attempt to add the new @Outlook email account via File>Account Settings>Email>New. Outlook cannot connect to the server with either an...
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    Editing Calendar Categories

    I'm running Outlook 2010 (on a Win7 Pro (32 bit) platform) with my Calendar items stored on my Live ID Hotmail Calendar webspace. When I edit an Event and remove a category from the Event and then save it - the removed category is originally gone, but then reappears. I have gone onto the...
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    Sharing Contacts via Live

    My partner & I both run our own copies of Outlook 2010 (32 bit) on Win7 Pro platforms with separate Live Accounts. No exchange server, just two free-standing computers. I have read (although have yet to attempt) how two separate Live Accounts can share Calendars where both Account users...
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    Having Recent Issues with Hotmail Connector?

    Has anyone else noticed an error in the synchronization of Contacts between Windows Live and Outlook 2010? Just noticed that changes being made in past couple of days to my Contacts on my Windows Phone (7.5) and on Outlook aren't flowing through Live to the other devices & services. Unlike...