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    Outlook 2013 - Odd Sync behaviour

    In the process of slimming down my inbox (moving stuff to other folders) Ive noticed some odd behaviour by sync. If I look at the msg count on the new folder after the move it has the expected msg count. Sync chugs away and after a while the Yahoo web mail shows the same msg count. Then...
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    Outlook - alternatives to Rules / Junk?

    Ive been told by MS that Outlook 2013 Rules dont work right with IMAP. (That is certainly not inconsistent with my experience migrating form Outlook 2007). Im trying to manage my Bulk Mailings (ie 'spam' that I actually want to keep, at least for limited time periods). Are there reliable...
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    Outlook 2013 - IMAP & Rules Broken

    Further down the rabbit hole of Outlook 2013 & Sync issues .... Im seeking confirmation that what Ive been told by MS support is accurate and makes sense. Im just moving to Outlook 2013 from 2007, with IMAP account. I have a large email collection, organised into various folders by Rules and...
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    Organising Spam

    Wondering if which is the better way to organise spam - set up rules to run continually on incoming messages - use the Junk facility; and periodically run rules against the Junk folder to keep the good stuff and delete the rest. (Spam comes in different flavours from yummy to toxic so I...
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    Recovering Rules in O 2013

    Found this thread BUT it refers to a pst file. My backup is an ost file; would I be correct that I need to spoof the old ost file as current, export the Rules to pst then go back to the current ost file and...
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    Many folders

    Confession - Im a rat pack, so I keep msgs more or less forever. Folders other than the inbox (organised by topic etc) are fine, none of them is especially big. But the total "inbox" is quite large. Currently its split up as: main a/c ost file: Inbox - Jul 1 2012 and later...
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    Rules - many or few

    Is it better to have one rule for each selection criterion (basically, "from") or to group by action (eg move to "keep 90 days" folder, with multiple selections)? Im thinking mainly about execution efficiency if theres a material difference in elapsed time. Absent that, seperate rule for...
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    Rules - apply to messages > n days old

    One can select on a specific date range but how can one have a rule apply to messages in the Inbox that are > 3 days old (say)?
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    Outlook 2013 IMAP Sync Issues

    Humble apologies if this dups other thread(s) - please redirect me. Im new here ... Actually I have several questions about Outlook 2013 but Ill break them down. This concerns sync issues. I'm somewhat mystified by how this works. I should explain that I have a moderate sized email...