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    Search folder for tasks in all task folders

    Hi want to search all my tasks (tagged by category) in all of my task folders.... I have 3 task folder (mywork, project, sales) ... In each folder i have some tasks which are tagged by category (P_My name). I´m searching for the possibility to make all my tasks in one view (dashboard). How can...
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    How to assign a task to a public task folder?

    Hi, i´ve created a public task folder to work with other team members. When i create a task - how can i assign the task to the public task folder? Currently i drag and drop the task from my task list to the public list. That is irritating... Any idea for me? Thanks in advance :)
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    How can i copy the mail subject and the link to the mail to th clipboard?

    Hi, i want to copy the subhject of an email and the link to the outlook email via VBA. Example: SUBJECT: this is my subject outlook:00000000AEEAD754A30D52488D9C92A0B45499350700E7E212E582A482409C1E12559FE5DA53000000AE5F990000E7E212E582A482209C1E12559FE5DA53000000B3188F0000 How can i do...