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    cleaning up old Exchange 2003 data on Exchange 2010

    We decommissioned out Exchange 2003 Exchange Servers about a month ago. That was not a simple process and had to be completed manually (adsi edit) since the add/remove programs would not cooperate and we could not locate the original media. It was somewhat painful, but completed. I am...
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    Cannot delete shared contact or calandar from views

    Forgive me if this has come up before. I have been searching around but have not had any luck. Exchange 2010, clients are on Outlook 2010. 1 user I have can view his contacts but also has a second option for a former employees contacts. The former employee has not worked for the company...
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    How to escalate issue with Microsoft?

    This is a follow up to a previous request for help... Search for a thread with the title "Private messages not forwarding by rule? Outlook 2007". It was viewed several times but nobody had an answer to it... I wound up calling Microsoft and opening a ticket on this. The answer was that it...
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    Private messages not forwarding by rule? Outlook 2007

    Greetings... I am having an issue I cannot get my arms around, have spent the past few days looking, but cannot come up with anything solid. the network is as follows: Exchange 2003 Server, clients run Outlook 2007. We have group set up (distribution groups) for e-mail... for example...