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    Microsoft office Cannot complete operation error

    Outlook 2010 Have custom task form that when assigned back and is accepted getting microsoft office - cannot complete operation. One or more parameters values are not valid error. Tried clearing cache and auto fill cache to no avail. This task was just revised adding additional code but not in...
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    Outlook 2010 task - comments missing

    Have a custom outlook task that works fine except now finding that when an associate enters comments in the task tab body and then assigns the task to another associate the comments are being deleted. When created and comments are added and I do a print preview the comments show, but when...
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    Change folders.

    Hi, I have code within a custom task form that opens a meeting request. Issue is when it's done through the task it puts the senders meeting in their task folder instead of their calendar. How to you designate the folder, currently code says currentfolder. When testing I manually changed...
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    Custom yes/no message box.

    Hi all, I have a checkbox that is coded to check if certain criteria is met and if so it opens a custom meeting request. Wanted to add in if this checkbox is intentionally or mistakenly unchecked that a yes / no message box opens to see if the meeting request (would be a new request) should...
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    Outlook code to validate textbox value

    Hi all What code would be used to validate a textbox value that is set up as number value to see if it's greater than, less than. When I use < for less than I get a syntax error Thanks
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    Populate textbox values from one form to another form.

    Hi all, Is there a way to take a textbox value from one form and populate a textbox in another form. What I have is a custom task form that when an associate reaches a certain point a checkbox is clicked and it opens a custom meeting request. I have it populating the required, optional and...
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    Open custom meeting request with checkbox

    Using the following code to open a custom meeting request, it works as long as I publish the meeting request in the personnel folder, by doing this when meeting request is sent it comes back with message that responses won't be tallied, is there a way to get it to open it when published in the...
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    Code to open folder

    Is it possible to code a commandbutton to open a folder?
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    Outlook custom checkbox not changing value

    I created a custom task form that has checkboxes, based on one question one checkbox is programmed to change the value of other checkboxes. It works with the exception that it does not change the actual value for the other checkboxes to -1, it just puts a check mark. Is there a way to get it to...
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    Outlook to validate task form before sending

    I have created a custom task form that has a few required items that need to be completed before assigning the task. The validation works when the file is saved and closed but does not validate if when assigned and sent. How do I get it to validate before sending?