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    Backup email account information

    I am using Outlook 2016. I have 7 email accounts and want to back them up. This is not the PST files but just the email accounts information and the Sent Receive group information. Please advise how to backup and restore this information. Thank you
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    Outlook 2010 - Remove or Hide Suggested Contact Folders

    Is there a way to remove or hide the Suggested Contact Folders ?
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    Contacts in 2 pst files

    I use 2 pst files. I want to keep certain contacts in different pst files. Is this possible ? If so, when I have 2 pst files open will the contacts from both pst files show ? Thanks
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    Country/Region not showing

    I am using Outlook to address envelopes to a large database that covers multiple countries. All countries where the addressee's are not United States are shown but when the contacts addresses are the United States they do not show the country. I assume this is by default but is there a way to...