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    Custom form not showing when recurrence is set for a meeting

    I am using custom appointment form to setup meetings. This works fine in normal scenario. When I set up a recurrence meeting using the custom form and if I try to edit entire series it shows the custom form. But when I try to edit one of the instance of the meeting from the series then it...
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    Get shared calendar name or id in custom appointment form

    Hi, I am setting up an custom appointment form in shared calendar. Is there any way to identify the name of the calendar in which I am setting up the appointment using VBscript. I am using outlook code behind.
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    Office 365 API

    Hi, I am unable to read the shared calendar and their events using office 365 REST API. Any help or pointing to right documentation is greatly appreciated.
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    Updated custom form not showing with old items

    I am customizing outlook appointment form. I have added few fields in P2. Published the form to my personal form library as ABC. On my calendar I have created few appointments using this custom form. Now When I modified my existing form and changed some of the fields and published again to...