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  1. Emerogork

    How do I activate the "Send Again" option in Sent Mail folder?

    When I have a message that has been sent and I want to send it again, maybe with modification. I don't see the "Send Again" option when looking at the message in the "Sent Folder". The "Forward" option is not all that civilized.
  2. Emerogork

    How do I set up an "Incoming mail filter"

    I have seen a sort of white list for all incoming mail. Either the sender is in my contacts list or they receive a verification notice on which to click in order to be accepted into my in-box. This totally prevents all junk mail. How do I set this up?
  3. Emerogork

    How do I remove "Delete Folder" from the right-click menu?

    and keep "Delete Folder" in the ribbon?