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    cannot view emails in View pane (in the right pane), I only see one line or nothing

    We don't know what happened. We're using Outlook 2019 with Windows 10. Just now my wife clicked on an e-mail and there is nothing in the viewing pane, the pane on the right side of the window. We can see (and change - Message Preview, none, 1,2, or 3 lines) on the left pane and see up to...
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    a general question re how backup programs handle pst files ... I have no problems, just curious

    I have two pst files, one is 300MB and the other is 1.7GB. I'm curious how backup programs handle these files when backing up. If I make one small change to either file, the backup program 'sees' that the file has changed and needs to be backed up. With a file that is 1.7GB, does the...
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    How to remove a folder, option grayed out

    Hi, we have two accounts on our Outlook 2019 (having just migrated from Office 2013). My wife has two Junk mail folders - Junk Email and Junk E-mail. It would appear that Junk E-mail is the default folder since I also have that folder in my account. This isn't a life and death issue as I'm...
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    learned something, I'll pass it on

    I spent a fair amount of time tonight exporting and importing my Outlook files. My old computer was from 2013, I believe, and had Office 2013. I just bought a new computer and had all kinds of problems importing my pst files. I now realize, I should have first set up the accounts. My wife...
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    Font in Reply is much larger than normal, how to reset ...?

    Hi, I"m using Outlook 2013 and I don't know what happened, but now all my replies appear as an 18 or so font size. I've looked at various options in Outlook but can't find how to reset it. Suggestions? Thanks in advance. Dave Horne
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    Calendar - color coded items are now the same color

    For some reason all of my Calendar items (Birthdays, Medical appointments, etc.) are now the same color. I would have appointments color coded so they would stand out from each other. The only thing I can think of that could have cause this was synchronizing my Calendar (and Contacts) items to...
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    is it possible to have both a POP and IMAP account in Outlook 2013?

    I have two POP accounts in Outlook 2013 and when I went to add a third, a Google IMAP account, Outlook stopped responding. Before I go any further I'd just like to know if this is possible ... or even advised. Thanks, Dave Horne
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    No problem ... at this minute, just thanking you for your help.

    Diane, I think it's great that you give us the benefit of your expertise. Thank you.
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    'removing' an e-mail folder

    When I moved from Outlook 2007 (on my old computer) to Outlook 2013 (on my new computer) I wound up with three sets of folders ... Personal Folders, one for me displaying my e-mail address, and one for my wife displaying her e-mail address. I 'changed' the location of my In Box to the Personal...
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    telephone formatting Contacts

    I just entered a local telephone number in a new Contact in Outlook 2013. Let's say the number was 073 111 1111 (no hyphens). Outlook, in the Check Phone Number window, placed a 1 in Country/Region, 073 in City/Area code, and 111-1111 in Local number (with hyphen). The number then appears as...
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    screwy behavior Business Card - Outlook 2013

    This is not a major issue but I am at a loss. In Contacts Business Card view ... the top of the card in smaller font reads ... Last Name, First Name. And in larger font (under the horizontal line) the name appears as you would want it in a business card ... First Name Last Name (no comma)...
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    a suggestion ...sent with the best intentions

    I recently purchased a new computer and moved (imported) my old pst file into my new Outlook 2013. I posted here regarding ... (This computer only) ... showing on folders in Outlook. What I didn't realize was Outlook steered me to an IMAP setup where I had been using a POP setup for close to...
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    a general question regarding data files

    My pst and ost files are located in Documents\Outlook ... I if were to copy those files, take them with me, and place them (after moving his files) in the same folder on his computer, could I use his version of Outlook 2013 while I'm staying with him? (I realize this is why IMAP is preferred...
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    (This computer only) ...imap ... two accounts

    Hi, I'm here because I watched a video from you about this. I've been busy the last few days transferring files from our old computer to our new computer ... and I'm a tad fried. Our old computer used Outlook 2007 and all of our information (four e-mail accounts), one Calendar, and one...