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    Send mail and contents of body from ms word document

    Hello, I send mail with this script and the contents of body are cell values, now i want to add the contents from ms word which is in "c:\Email Contents\covering.doc". Please some guide me doing this. Option Explicit Sub Send_Files() Dim OutApp As Outlook.Application Dim...
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    Download & Move Attachments

    Hi, With this script i am already downloading and saving the particular files to my hard drive, now i have some more attachment to be downloaded but i want them to be saved to different folder on my hard drive, Help me to do this which will ease my work of moving files from one place to...
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    Trigger macro to run after a new mail is received in Outlook?

    Hello, Win 7, Outlook 2013 I use macro that does an action on some of the files that arrive to my inbox in Outlook. However, I have to click/run button to run this macro. Is there a way that this macro runs automatically whenever an email arrives to my inbox? Please help. I have tried...