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    Signatures in HTML emails

    How do you stop Outlook 2007 / Word from constantly injecting crud into the background code for email signatures/templates please? I have to keep stripping away the code every few months, as the template gets too big! There's about 4 small paragraphs within the actual text, but it regularly gets...
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    Merging Word and Access into Outlook

    Am trying to merge a query of, for the moment, about 100 records from Access 2007, into Word 2007, then to email results via Outlook 2007 within the body, not as an attachment, but nothing is being sent? I've even put myself in the recipient list to make doubly sure, but absolutely nothing...
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    Transferring everything from a desktp[ to a laptop

    Using Outlook 2003 on the desktop and will be transferring everything over to the laptop which has Outlook 2010. The question is, how do I transfer everything over please? I know how to do the PST's and sigs, but need help on how to do all the rest, rules, accounts (15) etc. Thanks for any...