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    send reminder if no reply received on first or original email using macro

    Hi Experts I need macro which will send reminder if no reply received on first or original email. Please help. Thanks Hemant Sonawane
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    Keep Original email unread after autoreply

    Hi Expert, Below Autoreply with template code works fine. I just want after replying, original massage should be unread please help with change in macro. Sub AutoReplywithTemplate(Item As Outlook.MailItem) Dim oRespond As Outlook.MailItem ' Use this for a real reply ' Set oRespond =...
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    Move outlook emails >90 days to shared drive (Desktop) Folder

    Hi Diane I am new to VBA macros, Please help me. I found macro on this forum that moves the mails which are > 7 days within the oulook folder named as OLD. Can this macro amended to the level where macro can move emails > 90 days to Shared Drive (desktop) folder. Below is the Macro for your...
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    Outlook Macro

    Hi This is Hemant here, i am currently using outlook 2010. I received daily 250-300 emails in centralised inbox i need to move them to 2 different folder named as $>100 &$<100 by checking amount in mail body massage. It take lot of time to do this manualy. can we automate this by using macro...