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    Stop Outlook 365 adding meetings to calendar

    Hi all, Curious problem: I cannot stop Outlook from adding meetings to my calendar. The issue occurs on both my devices: laptop win 11/Office 365 version 2211 & desktop win 10/office 365 version 2210. Both devices have the same settings: Outlook options > Mail > Tracking > Automatically...
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    Removing old emails when adding accounts

    Hi all I have been using Outlook for a looooong time. When i go to add a new account, it still offers some long deleted accounts. See atached pic I would like it to forget these accounts and possibly lingering setup configurations. Reason for this is that we recently moved a domain from...
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    Missing forward/replied icons

    Hello Using Outlook 2016 (fully updated) with a Gmail account, Win 10 1903 In my Inbox view I have included the fields for Importance, Icon & Attachments. When i reply to or forward an email, the reply/forward arrow does not appear in front of the email so i cannot see to which emails i have...
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    Favorites panel entries move around after restarting Outlook 2016

    Hello For a while now, I've had a curious problem. Background: running Outlook 2016 on Win 10, fully updated, with Office subscription. Outlook 2016 has several accounts set up, with 3 main accounts: Home email, Work A Gmail and Work B Gmail. In my Favorites panel, I have added...
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    Outlook 2016: reply icon not showing when replied from mobile

    Hello Using Outlook 2016 (Win10) with 1 account (still waiting to be moved across) and 2 GSuite (aka Google Apps for Work) accounts. When i reply, forward etc from Outlook, the icon of said action shows up nicely. However, when i reply/forward from my iOS devices (Mac/iPad/iPhone)...
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    Red crossed circle disappeared from Junk Mail folder

    Hello, the little red crossed circle has disappeared from my Junk Mail folder. My server has just been upgraded to Outlook 2010, and my MS Office has also been upgraded to 2010 (from 2007). I do not use a PST file, only OST. I tried starting Outlook with the folder reset switch, no luck...