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    Forwarding vCard prompts Send As (From field) on Contacts that were moved

    Hi there, I have a user that moved about 500 contacts from her Hotmail account (MAPI connection via Outlook) to an Exchange account. Here's what happens: 1. Open a contact. 2. Click Forward, in Internet Format (vCard) 3. The resulting email comes up with the vCard attached, but...
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    I'd like to alter the appointment balloons. Possible?

    I'm altering the Long Day template into a format that shows only appointments. No tasks. I've managed to do everything I want, but I wouldn't mind being able to alter the look of those appointment balloons below. My preference would be no borders with the background lines still visible. Perhaps...
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    Is there a reference for the valid XML tags and their options?

    Is there a reference for all of the XML tags and their various options?
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    "My Outlook" has stopped functioning...

    Hi everyone, I am admittedly feeling a bit panicked. I was working with a client earlier today trying to figure out a better method for her to create on-the-fly calendars. She had been using a combination of Outlook, an old DOS app, and the "My Outlook" template. We were...