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    Outlook Database to a non-Outlook PC

    Outlook 2007 How do I (can I?) send an Outlook Database to someone NOT running Outlook? I can find how to export/import Notes but not how to Export/Import a database. Does the receiver of the database need a database app to open it?
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    Outlook 2007 calendar colors

    Moved Outlook to a new PC. Works very well except for the calendar. Hope I can explain it properly. On the old PC, when the weekly calendar was displayed, I had two colors - one for work hours with a white background and one for off hours with a gray? background. On the new PC, all 24 hours...
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    Receiving email

    Searched here but didn't find the answer. Outlook 2007 For years Outlook has updated my email periodically. Don't know if it was every 30 minutes or every hour, but it updated. F9 would give me a manual update. In the last couple of months, updates are apparently done once a day at night. F9...