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    Multiple emails

    Hi I am using O2016/365 IMAP My problem is that I get multiple emails. How this plays out: Junk mail - I always get 3 of each email. I can delete an email in the junk folder and it will pop right back up. This will happen 3 times if I happen to delete the 1st email as I see it. They...
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    Synchronizing subscribed folders causes hanging during send/receive process

    This is an account I inherited. It has a good 40 folders of which I use 5 or 6. They have items that cannot be deleted and I don't want to archive them. I have a personal outlook account and it has a good amount of folders and does not exhibit this behavior so it seems to be that outlook...
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    Syncing on

    I have several accounts and would like to have all emails show up in one account. IOW, no logging in 1 account, out of another etc... There is a way to do this in but it doesn't do anything. I enter the info, hit OK, gears grind and then nothing happens. I assumed that...
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    OST email backup

    I got stupid...I had an account in outlook 2016 and I removed the account from outlook 2016. Before I did that I moved and saved the OST file. Now i'm reading that the OST Is not simply a PST and I either have to convert it to a PST or do something else that does not seem easy to...
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    Outlook 2016 cannot delete, email showing in root

    Sorry for my clueless-ness... Outlook 2016, Windows 7 pro. IMAP account (.ost) I have 2 problems that may be related. 1) Some emails can be seen ONLY in the root folder of the email account, but not the inbox. example: email shows up in but not the inbox which is immediately...
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    Outlook - cannot save subject line changes

    Hi I believe this is out Outlook 2016. I am working off of a server and don't see where the 'about' is but it looks like what I have @ home. I always open an email, change the subject line, hit X and then save the email. Now when I hit X the email closes w/the original subject line. I...
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    Outlook (365) is crashing as soon as its opened

    I have 365 and Outlook has started crashing recently. I open it and it looks for mail and crash.... I did an online full repair but its still crashing. I *really* don't want to reinstall....there is a ton of configuring to be done if I start over. Good thing is quality webmail...
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    Outlook is permanently deleting deleted items (purging)

    My wife is using 2016 with 2 imap folders. She uses her deleted items folder as a place to save emails. The problem is that O2016 is purging her deleted items. 1. How can I get it to stop doing this? 2. Is there a way to recover the emails? I have gone to the account settings for each...
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    Set reminder / appointment by right clicking email

    Hi, I think I used to be able to right click an email and set a reminder but all I can do now is flag the message. The same applies if I use the TAG option in the toolbar. am I crazy? I don't see any option to add this in through file / options.
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    Pulling out my hair (O365/2016)

    I will try and be concise W7 Pro Office 365 / Outlook 2016 - fully updated. Using only Pop3 accounts. 2 accounts - 1 biz and 1 personal, both Main PST 1.5 Gb or so. Archive 4 Gb or so. MANY rules due to the massive amount of spam she gets. Additional settings are 'delete from...
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    Outlook 2013 Windows Phone, Outlook 365/2013 POP

    Hi. I saw you helping people on the MS forums and thought I would seek help here. I have a new WP 929/Icon. I have 365 (home) and Outlook 2013. My main email account is a POP account but I have created an account for the phone and for syncing. I left my pop account alone in...