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    How to delete Facebook Contacts folder in Outlook 365

    In Outlook 365 under MY Contacts in the left pane, I have various folders, one of which is "Facebook Contacts" (I did not put there). I don't need nor want it but it always reappears after deleting it. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance as always :) Rich W
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    Can't Send calendar share invite

    Hope someone may have a solution. My wife an I each have a computer running WIn10 ver 1709 build 16299.334. We both run Outlook 365 connected to Microsoft Exchange. When I try to share my calendar I end up getting "Error while preparing to send sharing message". Have spent hours looking for...
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    Missing Quick Steps and Rules

    Running Windows 10 and Office 365 (Outlook 2013) Ran out of space on 120GB SSD so migrated to 256GB SSD by cloning drive Everything seems to working except in Outlook all my Quick steps and rules are gone. Still have the untouched 120GB SSD if needed to transfer any files, but which ones and...
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    Rule not working

    I have Outlook 365 and about 15 rules set up to have certain emails to be moved to a specific folder when they arrive. I have set them up as they arrived over the course of a few months or so. They are all "merchant" emails from Dell, HP, Amazon, Pizza Hut, etc.. They are automatically sent to a...
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    Outlook 2013 Rules not working

    My Office 365 Outlook rules are not working consistently.:confused: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. They always run manually (a pain with the many keystrokes involved). I know after looking around that this situation is not unique. I would like to write some code to execute the all the rules...
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    Too Many Devices

    Out of the blue my wife's Outlook would not let her get past or close the error message "Too many devices synced...". Had to end the task in task manager to get out of endless loop of trying to sync (I guess). Have been using Office 365 Preview, so decided to uninstall it and purchase the just...
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    Too many folders in Outlook 2013

    I have Win 7 32 bit with Outlook 2007. I have two email accounts, Gmail and (formerly Hotmail). Both accounts download into a common Inbox located under "Personal Folders". I also have many other sub folders for keeping emails organized. I also have Win 8 Pro and Outlook 2013 (Office...