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  1. Jon Bakrley

    Outlook 2013 and Exchange 2007, Out of the office error message

    Hi, I have some new pc's with Outlook 2013 and I can not access the Automatic Replies option on most of my workstations. I get a "your automatic reply settings cannot be displayed because the server is currently unavailable. Try again later." I have updated the cname record with our dns...
  2. Jon Bakrley

    problems with outlook 2013 and pst files

    My company just installed 12 new pc's with Win7 64 bit, Office 2013 32 bit. When I attach pst files to my outlook 2013 from their old computers, outlook freezes, and the pc freezes where I have to do an ungraceful shutdown. 3 computers have exhibited this issue. Need help solving this as I...