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    Delete Calendar Entries in

    I want to delete all entries in my Office365 OWA Calendar. Reason for deleting is that my Offline Calendar is perfectly all right and has some 1233 entries whereas Online Calendar in Office OWA has some 2,000 entries. This creates reminder at odd times. I want to delete all entries in Office OWA...
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    Sync Contacts between Office 365 and Gmail.

    I am using Office 365 Account & is working perfectly. I need to Sync contacts in my Office 365 Account with Gmail so that I can use both services in a better way. Is there any way to do so? Thanks & appreciate for all the help.
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    How to configure “Send As” email in Office 365 Account?

    I have 2 Domains which are used as under: Domain ‘A’ : Hosted on Gmail & is used for regular communication. Domain ‘B’ : Hosted on Office 365 for Cloud Computing / Back Up / Syncing across all devices. Both Domains / Email address are configured in Microsoft Outlook 2013. I want to send email...