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  1. mikecox

    Forward email to another address; not with Rules

    I set a forwarding option in Outlook 2010 last week, I actually entered a different email address. How I want to change it and I, for the life of me, can't find the option again. I pored over Advanced settings, several time, and I still can't find it and I was sure that it where I found it...
  2. mikecox

    IMAP and Outlook 2010

    I recently contacted the tech support service: iYogi, regarding problems I am having with the configuartion of my IMAP account. The technician said she couldn't address the problem because my Outlook program was outdated, then transferred me to her "Supervisor". He told me that I needed to...
  3. mikecox

    Desperat; need hands on support

    I am desperate! My Rules are not working properly now; they have to be run after the fact, like after my email is delivered; not as it arrives and half of them turn run with "error" markings. I have multiple contact lists; mostly empty, and the list goes on; I am extremely frustrated and need...
  4. mikecox

    Multiple unexplainable issues

    First there is the issue of the on again off again presents of the Send/Rec icon on the Ribbon. I can never depend on it being there, which forces me to use F9. But sometimes it shows up! For example, it has been missing all morning but just now it has re-appeared! I don’t get it! I’ve...
  5. mikecox

    Missing alarm flag

    I have always used the Follow Up flag option to sent an alarm on messages but today I tried to do that and the only flag option was "Follow up"; what's happened to the others???!:(
  6. mikecox

    date file management

    I have Outlook 2010 on two computers and I want to be able to work between them; seamlessly. The problem is there are data files all over the place; sigs, rules, contacts, Quick steps, different folder trees; an Outlook Data File, two address data files; several "My Contacts" lists...
  7. mikecox

    "Send/Receive" goes missing

    I often find Send/Receive missing from the toolbar, when that happens I use F9. For a long time I thought I had just forgotten where the option was. But then, later, I discover it right where I expected to be when it was missing.
  8. mikecox


    I have two computers running Outlook and can't seem to get them synchronized. Sigs and rules don't get backed up, can't get folder organization to match, Contacts are not stored in the same place; i.e. on my desktop contacts populate by default on my laptop I have to find them. I tried Sync2...
  9. mikecox

    Too many "contacts" lists

    I have 4 Contacts lists. One is empty because it uses my "junk" email address; that I use when I don't want to be bothered by spam. I would delete it but the option is greyed out. Three seem to be duplicates; thought the one labeled "Suggested Contacts-Outlook Data File" seems to be the...
  10. mikecox

    setting Default area code in Contacts

    I've checked Contacts/options but I don't see an option to change the default area code that is entered when a local number is entered without an area code. Where is that option set?
  11. mikecox

    Accessing Outlook on my Win7 desktop from Win8 laptop

    I'm trying to figure out how to access Outlook, installed on my Win7 desktop, from my Win8 Laptop where it is not installed; because I can't afford to plunk down another $!00+ for another copy to install on my laptop, which I understand I would have to do because I am only authorized to install...