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  1. stephenjones

    Adding a business account to Outlook

    Hello, I can access my company email by going to then signing in with a username and password. is the website for my company. The username is just a standard number (it does not have a full email address). I was wondering if there is any way to add this to...
  2. stephenjones

    Purging itmes

    When i delete something it goes to trash.
  3. stephenjones

    Outlook 2013 Startup Failures

    What safe mode did you try? Booting the entire pc in safe mode or just running outlook in safe mode?
  4. stephenjones

    Purging itmes

    Thank you Diane! I also see a "deleted" and "trash" folder in outlook. Do you know the difference in these?
  5. stephenjones

    Purging itmes

    I am brandnew to outlook. I have noticed that outllook automatically deleted my "deleted items" after 2 weeks. My provider is charter. Is there a way to prevent this? I understand I can create a new folder and just move the mails there but I would just like to understand the workings. Also what...