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  1. mikolajek

    Macro to clear flags?

    I've used the sample code from the well-known Slipstick post to create some custom flags in my Outlook. Just description, no start/due date, no reminder etc. Can someone advise me how to make a macro to clear the flag assigned that way? I've tried .FlagStatus = olNoFlag and .FlagRequest ="" but...
  2. mikolajek

    Random message selected after hard delete

    I'm using Outlook 2016 32bit (16.0.7341.2021) and observing a weird behavior when hard-deleting messages (i.e. using Shift+Delete). What happens is when one or more messages are deleted that way, after deletion Outlook goes to any random message below the deleted one(s), regardless whether it's...
  3. mikolajek

    Add on for customized flag operations?

    Hi there, Are you aware of any add on that would extend Outlook's built-in item flagging capabilities? I've googled a lot but haven't found any... I know there are several VBA scripts to support what I'm looking for, but I can't find any suitable one for my purposes and I'm not able to write...
  4. mikolajek

    Outlook 2013 IMAP actions (message move / delete etc.) significantly delayed

    I'm using Outlook 2013 with a couple of IMAP-based accounts and have observed significant degradation of time Outlook needs to reflect my operations on the server. Right after I installed Outlook it looked like it performed all actions (mostly messages movement and deletion) almost...
  5. mikolajek

    Digital signing message from a specified account

    I use two accounts: private and business. For business account I have a digital signature and would like to have it automatically attached to all messages from this account. Is there a way to do so? What I see is when I check "Add digital signature to outgoing messages" in Trust Center /...