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  1. Tim King

    Outlook 365 unable to change accounts

    Hi, in Outlook 365 there is an option to "Add an Account". I added my Gmail account and configured the settings and they are accepted. When I click the drop-down and change to the new account, nothing happens! I believe I was able to do this recently . If I remove my existing account, the...
  2. Tim King

    Send mail from MSWord through Outlook

    Yes, it's Office 2007. Somehow the wires got crossed with the outlook profile. I've tried a few things without success. I'm thinking of a repair or re-install of office.
  3. Tim King

    Send mail from MSWord through Outlook

    Hi, I'm having trouble emailing a document from inside Word 2007. I click the Office Button - Send - Email. I then get the following message: You need to create a Microsoft Outlook profile. In Microsoft Windows go to............ Unable to figure this out. any help would be appreciated
  4. Tim King

    Outlook 03 slow startup

    Monkey, have you solved this yet? I'm experiencing the same on a new pc. Opens fast but mouse pointer spins for a full minute. Same in safe mode.
  5. Tim King

    Message body problems

    These came in after conversion. I looked at them on the Barracuda box and they looked ok. - Thanks
  6. Tim King

    Message body problems

    Hi, after converting a users email from OE to Outlook 2003 some of the incoming messages are not right. the body contains header information and html tags. I 'm stumped by this. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I attached a sample of the email body. Thanks