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    In Box Issues

    Hi, I just started a new PST data file. I made it the DEFAULT data file. I changed all the rules to go to the correct directories. Now, I have two IN boxes one with the old DATA file (Inbox 2013), and one withe the new DATA file, Inbox 2014. All my mail is going to the Inbox 2013. Can anyone...
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    Importing Rules in Outlook 2013

    I have a simple, hopefully, question. I am starting with a fresh PST file. When I import my rules for messages, do I have to create all the folders, or will Outlook make them for me? Last, is there a way to close the Outlook windows, but have the icon still in the taskbar, so when I want an...
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    Exporting RSS Feed to OPML file

    Okay, Can anyone tell me how can I export my RSS Feed, in Outlook 2013 [32-bit]? Every time I attempt to export, Outlook asks FOR an OPML file. I just want to be able to export (and/or backup) my RSS Feeds because I'm attempting to create a new PST file, then name the old PST file, something...
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    Archiving Sent Items

    Hello, I have a question regarding Archiving in MS Outlook 2013. Is it possible to archive the emails in your SENT box? Lastly, if I move my SENT items to another folder, let say "Sent Archived", can I somehow Archive these e-mails? I tried this and it didn't work. Thank You.
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    Using Outlook 2013 Off Line

    I remember that I use to use Outlook off line. Can I do this with Outlook 2013, so that when I'm on the internet, Outlook won't check for mail or do anything with the internet? Thank You.
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    How can I start a NEW PST file without loosing my contacts & other data

    My situation- I have a 38Gb PST file. I would like to start creating new PST files once a year starting now. Can anyone tell me how can I start a new PST file without loosing my Contacts, Rules, Calendars, RSS, and so on? I would hope this is an easy answer because it sounds like it could be. I...
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    [FREE OUTLOOK ADDONS] Outlook Freeware!

    Hello, I've been doing some research on how to repair a very large PST file (36.4Gb), and in my search, I've come across a site that offers Freeware programs that integrate seamlessly with all versions of Microsoft Outlook. I would urge anyone who has any problems, or want to do "things" with...
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    Starting Fresh with a new PST file.

    Is it possible to start a NEW/FRESH PST file in Outlook 2013 and keep all your contacts, rules, and RSS feeds, if so, how can this be done? Second scenario, I backed up all my Contacts to .vcf cards, all my mail rules to a .rwz file, and my RSS feeds to an .OPML file. Now can I start a NEW PST...
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    Calendar - Clearing the whole Calendar

    Hi, I know this must have been asked 1001 times before, but can anyone tell me how to CLEAR the Calendar of ALL it's data/event/meetings etc.? Somehow, after I used iCloud for Windows, I have allot of events of the same thing posted all through out my calendar. Thanks
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    [duplicates duplicates duplicates] please help

    This is an odd thing I ran into when I went to use my contacts. When I go to choose someone from my contacts, I have duplicate contact lists which are EMPTY. I knows this sounds odd, so I'm going to give you a screen shot of what I mean: How can I DELETE these empty contact entries in my...
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    Running scripts with Outlook 2013

    I found a script (I THINK that it's a Visual Basic Script, not sure) on an Outlook forum, which Diane Poremsky is on, and I was wondering how I can use/run it in Outlook 2013. What should be the ending of the script? Here is one of the smaller scripts: Option Explicit Public Enum...
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    Custom UI Runtime Error in Business Contact Manager for Outlook (2013)

    Hi, The strangest thing that happened to me this weekend when I started Outlook 2013 on Sunday. When I started Outlook 2013 [32-bit] (Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 - with all updates), I started getting this error: "Custom UI Runtime Error in Business Contact Manager for Outlook (2013)" every time I...
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    File attachments with Outlook 2013

    I have a question regarding file attachments with Outlook 2013. How can I get Outlook to accept and send attachments ending in .EXE ? I know allot of people would say send a zip file, but I know of allot of people who have no idea what a zip file is, and if they do, they don't have the means to...
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    Installing Apps from MS Online Store

    Hello, I was able to install apps from the MS Online Store for Word and Excel (all 2013). Then I saw a couple of apps I would like to install for Outlook 2013. So, I did the same procedure I did for Word and Excel, and when I got to the Apply button, it told me that I need Exchange Server...
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    Yahoo E-Mail Setup

    I configured a Yahoo e-mail account for a friend, and she keeps telling me when ever Outlook 2013 checks for new mail, Outlook keeps asking for a password. She types in the correct password, and it still pops up. The settings are as follows: Server Account Type: IMAP Incoming server...
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    New problem, .oft extentions in Outlook 2013

    Hello, Without changing anything with Outlook 2013 [32-bit] w/ Win7Ult SP1, every time I start up Outlook 2013, a pop up window comes up and it's asking for files ending in the .oft (forms?) extension. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Can you explain, if possible, why this is...
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    Reading/Posting in Newsgroups

    Hi, I have one more question for today. Does anyone know of a program that I can use with Outlook 2013 which will enable me to read and post in UseNet Newsgroups? I looked at MapiLabs, and their Newsgroup program for Outlook is for all versions up to and including 2010. There is no mention of...
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    Plain Text Signatures

    Hello, I have my signature in HTML and also Rich Text format. How do I go about creating a plain text signature for when I send plain text e-mails to people who can't read any other format? Lastly, how do I tell Outlook 2013 to use this Plain Text Signature for Plain Text e-mails? Thank You...
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    BCM Use with Outlook 2013

    Hi, I found out that I can not use BCM with Outlook 2013 unless I have installed MS SQL Server 2008. Now, can I use MS SQL Server 2012 with BCM with Outlook 2013, if so can you tell me the exact version to use just so I can use BCM with Outlook 2013? I would appreciate it very much, again. :)...
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    Setting up Outlook 2013 for AOL (POP3) Account

    Hello, I've had no problems setting up hotmail and gmail with Outlook 2013, I attempted to set up AOL using the exact instructions on their site and it didn't work, now I went to another site Configure Hotmail,, Gmail, Yahoo or AOL | HowTo-Outlook and I followed their settings and...