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    Problem: Favorites not persisting. (Oulook 2010)

    Hi. I have 10'ish MAPI/POP/IMAP accounts accessed using Connector and i move the Inbox's to Favorites (top section of account/folder list). But every couple days an Inbox goes missing from Favorites. I can drag it back up again. Sometimes several Inbox's are missing. Favorites doesn't persist well.
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    Multiple accounts and single Calendar file (Outlook 2010, using Connector)

    Hi, I use Outlook 2010 64b on Win7 and Hotmail connector to connect 6 MAPI, POP and IMAP accounts. My MAPI ( eddress is my default account and I’ve configured a local PST as the data file (it is not the PST associated with the default account). Contacts are ok – all are in 1 local...