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    Where is the BCM SDK??

    This site says there is a BCM SDK available for download. However, the link just brings me to the main Microsoft Download Center and I can't seem to be able to search for the SDK at all. Does anyone have a mirror to it or know where it can be downloaded?
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    Change Columns of Linked Accounts and Business Contacts

    I can't seem to figure out a way to change the columns that are visible in the Business Project forms Linked Accounts and Contacts (or any other linked relationships that may be created). The reason I need to do this personally is due to wanting to see a "Classification" or Job Title that is...
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    [SOLVED] Search by User-Defined Relationship Field

    How/Why is this not possible? Not only does it appear that you can not search by this field, but you cannot add this field to as a column in the contact Contact Management view. Or rather, you can add it but it shows no values. The more I use BCM, the more frustrating it becomes.