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    Use contacts from other mailbox

    In our company some of our colleagues have an added mailbox (account setting - more settings - advanced) from which they work and send mails from. In this mailbox is a contact list with all updated business contacts and this is kept up to date by any of the colleagues.When sending a mail from...
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    Check/convert to emailaddresses

    I have a custom form, where CC and BCC are filled from a custom field with addresses which are selected through checkboxes, e.g. selecting box1 and box3 will result in ";". This is working perfectely, however upon sending I receive the message "This...
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    Using custom field data in mail body + mailto hyperlink

    I am breaking my head about this already for some time. I have a custom form for eventually creating an email with a mailto hyperlink inside the body. In the custom form I define a.o. [product], [subject] and the [receivers] for the mailto hyperlink. All the information is correctly computed...