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    Managing & Merging .pst files

    Hi, Why don't you set backup of PST files in auto mode so that MS Outlook create backup of PST files after regular interval of time by following below written steps:( For this you have to download MS add ins) Start Outlook...
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    Outlook Profile Corrupt...Help!!!!!

    Last night I was working with Outlook 2010. And as I was about to open my Outlook mailbox, Error message prompts up on my screen imprinted- “outlook.pst cannot be accesses”. And now I am not able to access my mails in Outlook. Can anybody help me out from this mess???
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    Is It Pssible to Import Outlook Email files to Thundebird

    Am neophyte for Thunderbird as I have recently started working on it. Previously I used keep emails in Outlook. Now I need to import all that previous mails in Thunderbird..:confused: . Can any body suggest possible ways to do so????