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    Renaming an Resource in Exchange 2010

    I have several Resource conference rooms that I need to rename and keep all of the meetings intact, I also need this change to propagate out to the users with the new name of the resource can this be done?
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    Outlook Contacts

    In my contacts I have a field that is categories, (friend, business, client) we got a new server and everything migrated over except my categories can I get them back?;)
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    Defer Sending emails in OL2010

    I think in OL2002 and OL2007 I could send and email and it would go to the outbox and stay there until I went into the outbox and opened the email and hit send again. Can I get the same functionality in OL2010 and if so how can I configure it.:(
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    Outlook 2010 Calendar

    here is the screen shot
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    Outlook 2010 Calendar

    Here is a screen shot for you
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    Outlook 2010 Calendar

    I installed Outlook 2010 on my machine, the calendar in the To-DO Bar is a bunch of symbols or just junk. How do I get the Calendar in a readable mode.