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    Sharing calendars in Outlook 2016

    Diane’s most useful article ‘Sharing Calendars’ – last revised in April – explained that calendars can only be shared view-only with desktop Outlook 2016 because the latter cannot manage the calendar permissions required for a read-write share. If this is still true, it...
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    Sharing calendars

    Sharing a calendar (via a browser) from an O365 tenant to an account or vice versa still appears to be view-only, even though they both use Exchange Server and hence both have MSFT accounts and it should be possible (?) to assign share permissions either way. DAK if this correct –...
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    Copying POP3 folders from Inbox to IMAP Inbox in Outlook 2003

    In Outlook 2003, I am trying to copy subfolders from a POP3 Inbox to a IMAP Inbox. If the IMAP root path is set up as ‘Inbox’, I get the message “Unable to navigate to the Folder. You cannot create or navigate to subfolders of your Inbox when you have a non-empty root folder path”. If the...