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  1. M autocomplete list invaded by strange items

    Thanks for the information. I see that is available in Create New Account. I had been looking at -- Add an Alias --, and I do not see there. ...uploaded a screen shot. So I assumed it was gone. -----
  2. M autocomplete list invaded by strange items

    Thanks for the info and help. a-- Only 30 days. That is a surprise to me. So the "new owner" of the "old/reused" email address could receive email sent from "an old friend" (or business, etc.), that had not yet changed to using my "new email address". Would have expected the old address to...
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    Have Outlook 2016 suggest email address auto complete entries directly from the user's contacts list

    On this part -- Check I have submitted ideas, voted on other ideas, etc. In some (many ?) cases it seems like it takes a long time for "moderator approval". Anyway, you think it is a useful process to get our feedback to Microsoft ? What about
  4. M autocomplete list invaded by strange items

    Thanks for your Reply. The hypothesis that the Junk mail is involved is certainly a possibility. (Although I should suggest to Microsoft to not include emails in that folder...) This mailbox had a lot of junk emails. (Which is an entirely different story...) I manually deleted all the...
  5. M autocomplete list invaded by strange items

    Using with a web browser. Over recent months I have noticed very strange addresses appearing in the auto-complete list. They are not my addresses at all. (not received from not sent to). Many of them look like "junk". Some are not valid addresses. (ex: yahoo but missing the...
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    How many days are items in Recover Deleted at ?

    Thanks for the information. Over on "", they also said 30 days. See also--- Restore deleted email messages in - Outlook I use OWA ("web") for (not the Outlook desktop.) On this part--- this may be going away - i don't see the option in the...
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    How many days are items in Recover Deleted at ?

    In, how many days are items (emails, etc.) stored in the Recover Deleted area ? Trying to verify that email in that area is "purged" (really gone) after a reasonable amount of time. We are "doing an experiment", to see if we can see what happens. But the UI for that Recover...
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    Using Outlook with Yahoo email

    Follow-up-- Turned on multi-factor authentication (On the Account settings screen, Yahoo calls this two-step verification). Then I could disable --allow apps that use less secure sign in--. Then, in the Yahoo Account area, used Manage app passwords, to generate a password for Outlook...
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    Using Outlook with Yahoo email

    Thanks for the information. That helps. --- I will try multi-factor auth. (not sure I know what "app password in Outlook" refers to; but I will find out...) --- I wonder if Microsoft will add OAuth2 to Outlook desktop client ... --- I suppose if people stop using Outlook desktop, and...
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    Using Outlook with Yahoo email

    I use Outlook 2016 to access Yahoo email, using POP3. Recently Yahoo tells me this is a "less secure logon". If I change the Yahoo setting to not use less-secure, then Outlook -- POP will not connect to yahoo email. I was planning to try Yahoo -- Outlook -- IMAP. (instead of POP). But based...