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    Outlook 2007 Running on Windows 7 hangs on send

    I made sure UAC was off, one of the machines already had the UAC off. I still can't see what is causing the issue, One of the machines I installed a trial version of Outlook 2010 to see if it was something with the version and the problem is still there. The only thing new that I failed to...
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    Outlook 2007 Running on Windows 7 hangs on send

    Initially the Outlook Anywhere was unselected and I had never even looked at this before. I selected it and made the selections as suggested. Tested it and unfortunately the symptoms haven't changed. I have been monitoring the traffic from that PC for a few hours now and I don't see anything...
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    Outlook 2007 Running on Windows 7 hangs on send

    Safe Mode didn't seem to make a differance, every 5 minutes or so it sends and recieves and hangs (see Picture) I went through one more time and verified his settings againts mine. There are a few differances, some are expected because he is a laptop user, the only setting...
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    Outlook 2007 Running on Windows 7 hangs on send

    This might be a duplicate responce because I responded and it didn't show up. Only the Exchange Account, nothing else that I can detect. The firewall is always off via policy. I haven't tried Safe Mode, but the only user here today I restarted them in Safe Mode and I will check with...
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    Outlook 2007 Running on Windows 7 hangs on send

    I have 3 Laptops running Windows 7 64bit Pro, the only 3 Windows 7 machines on my network. They are running Outlook 2007 and both Windows and Office 2007 are as up-to-data as possible. They used cached mode when away and connect to the Exchange Server in online mode when in the office. It is...
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    How to remove user from business contact manager for outlook 2007database tool(BCM)

    Re: How to remove user from business contact manager for outlook 2007d I will go into details if you need but the only way is to install SQL Express 2005 Manager and go into the tables manualy to remove the user.
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    Linking Information from Accounts to Business Contacts Manager

    Accounts and Contacts are not equal. It is a one to many relationship so you can have one Account with several contacts, each contact with their own information. So, no this is not possible.
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    Sharing BCM contacts and linking items to records

    I may not be answering this right because I am not 100% sure of the question, but... First you have to share your database to give users access. See Thread : Then under a new contact go to the very top and press the little down...
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    How do I turn off the Business Contact Manager startup in Outlook

    Assuming you are using Office 2007 goto Tools, Trust Center, Add-ins. At the bottom you see "Go" next to COM Add-ins Uncheck BCM. Same story for enabling it later.
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    share business contact manager

    Yes. Install Office and BCM to a server, make sure that server has an email account for the person installing it (Since it is a server this is probably the admin or someone with local admin rights). Once installed use the database tools to share the database. That will share the...
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    How do I enable administrator access in Business Contact Manager?

    On the pull down menu "Business Contact Manager" you will see what you need at the bottom under "Custom Forms". If you don't have access you have to insure that you are local admin on the place the BCM SQL Database resides. Also at the bottom of each pulldown there is a feature...
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    Is Office Small Business 2003 compatible with Windows 7?

    I didn't have any problems installing Office 2007 SBE including BCM on Windows 7 64 bit. I did this from scratch, not an update.
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    Wrong Form view in "Developer" Tab for "Accounts"

    Is this confirmed? I really would like to make some minor changes to some of the forms, but I can't seem to. Can anyone help with this?